100v3A MOS管3N10BI场效应管

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3N10BI 价格有优势,市场价,欢迎来电申请样品测试 。

Specializing in the design, development, production and sales of medium and low voltage NMOS tube packages

3N10BI price has advantages, market price, welcome to call for sample test.
100v3A MOS管3N10BI场效应管,3n10bi场效应管,3N10BI场效应管,第1张

3N10BI 可用于POE电源、POE分离器、加湿器、雾化器、香薰机、美容仪、小家电控制板
3N10BI can be used for POE power supply, POE separator, humidifier, atomizer, aromatherapy machine, beauty instrument, small appliance control panel


100V2.8A  3N10BI 内阻320mR   SOT23封装,3000pcs/盘真空包装。
100V2.8A 3N10BI internal resistance 320mR SOT23 package, 3000pcs / disk vacuum packaging.


3N10BI 国内一线封装厂封装,品质保证,交期供货保证,国外晶圆流片,性能一流。 最新技术,RDS(ON)与CISS均达到最小最平衡状态。
3N10BI domestic first-line packaging factory package, quality assurance, delivery delivery guarantee, foreign wafer flow, first-class performance. With the latest technology, both RDS(ON) and CISS reach the minimum and most balanced state.
100v3A MOS管3N10BI场效应管,3n10bi应用场景,3N10BI场效应管,第2张


POE separator switch MOS tube, POE dedicated MOS tube.


免费提供3N10BI 技术支持,免费提供3N10BI 样板测试,FAE工程师全程技术跟踪与指导指导您成功量产3N10BI。

Free 3N10BI technical support, free 3N10BI sample test, FAE engineers full technical tracking and guidance to guide you to mass production of 3N10BI.


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